This symposium is being held at Gordiola in tribute to Daniel Aldeguer Gordiola (1916-2008) and his ancestors, and brings to a close the programme of tie-in activities around the temporary exhibition “The Emergence of Contemporary Glass. Recalling VICOINTER ’83” which was on view at the “González Martí” National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts and the Cerralbo Museum between December 2021 and July 2022.

Over forty experts from the art and glass world will come together in Gordiola (Mallorca) to reflect on and debate on the new impetus of glass within contemporary art over recent years both here in Spain and worldwide.

The declaration of glassblowing in Spain as a Representative Manifestation of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2021), the International Year of Glass (2022) and the proposal to include glassblowing in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO) scheduled for this year, encourages us to take note of the potential that glass affords. The Mallorca Glass Manifesto and the conclusions coming from this symposium, and all its many tie-in events, will open the doors for further upcoming symposiums. In memory of Joaquín Torres Esteban (1919-1988), a pioneer of the New Glass Movement in Spain, we will continue in his footsteps, forty years later.

The symposium is aimed at experts from the world of glass and particularly museologists, while also seeking to bring this discipline closer to the general public.


M.ª Cristina Giménez Raurell
María Eugenia Díaz de Vivar
César N. Pacheco Cifuentes


Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 October 2023


20 hours


Carretera de Manacor, Km. 19
Algaida (Mallorca), Spain